Green Cleaning – An Eco-friendly Cleaning Service


Green Clean

Green Clean

Cleaning services is getting common among the residents who are too busy cleaning their own houses or rooms because of work or how fast paced the world has become that if they do not race ahead of time they will be left out. In this day and age, services that brings comfort to residents or tenants alike are necessary. That is why green cleaning is important for anyone who wants their home comfort clean but in an eco-friendly way. The height of global warming today is the cause of machines that contributes to its growth. The reason why eco-friendly machines are created is to make the world a greener and healthier place to live in by both the people of today and its future generations.

What are the benefits of green cleaning? Not only is your house sparkly clean but you also have contributed to the green project uphold by numerous organizations. The tools and machines used by the cleaning team are eco-friendly. You are sure that you will have a healthy home when you return right back from an appointment or from your busy work at the office. In order to hire their services and let them start cleaning, it will be up to you if you are going to leave the keys to your room or house beneath the floor mat or at the mailbox. It is also the best choice to wait for the cleaning team to arrive so that you can give them the key but this entirely depends on the schedule you have for the day. You can also stay and see for yourself how the team will clean your house.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

The services in green cleaning include the following:

  • Living and bedroom spaces – this includes ceiling fans, cobweb removal, dusting of decorations and furniture, cleaning of table tops that are made of glass, change bed linens and make them, dusting of window base, ledges and blinds, emptying trash bins that are inside office spaces, living rooms and bedrooms, dusting and wiping of doors and vacuuming of carpets, stairs and small rugs
  • Bath and tub – cobweb removal, dusting of window blinds, ledges and furniture, wiping of bathroom cabinets, ceiling fans, cleaning of shine chrome and mirror, scrubbing and cleaning of toilets, tubs, showers, emptying trash cans, detail cleaning of the baseboard, mopping of bathroom floors
  • Kitchen spaces – cobweb removal, cleaning of ceiling fans, window ledges and blinds, cleaning of stove fan, stove top and kitchen cabinets, scrubbing and cleaning of sinks, cleaning of big electronic appliances, countertops and microwave, dusting and wiping of floors, emptying trash cans, vacuuming of rugs, kitchen and laundry floors, dusting and wiping of the laundry area, detail cleaning of the corners and baseboard.

There are areas of the house that the green cleaning team are not going to include especially with the kind of package that you have hired them for. Notify the cleaning team in advance if you have any other services you wish to add in their cleaning routine.

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